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root of a mountain

We rent all types of gear and in most casts have many brands and models.  

You will find more info under each category above and you will find all the products  and pricing on our booking platform at Https://

Select Book Now -

Select Date period.     Then end date. To give you the rental date range.   

Select any add ons for that line item.   

To Add MORE ITEMS - Click Make another booking.

Its the same order just adding line items.

If you'd like a no obligation quote please send an email at or use the form below.

We need  Your Name, Email / # in party.  Pick up date. Return date.  City - if one way rental / Location:

Type of trip: Traveling road systems / Back country / Hunt / Remote Float 

Transportation? Do you have a vehicle, or traveling by train /bus etc, or going into the back country and need all ultralight gear. 

IF you are car camping and would like more economical gear and don't mind it's bulkier and heavier let us know that too. 

IF you are short on time, arrive late, etc - let us know that too we can let you know what your options are.  You can even buy matches, dried food, fire starter, tp, fuel, etc and have it delivered to the airport for your hotel, or after hour pick up at our store. 

Contact Us -Request a quote or ask a question:

Thanks for submitting!

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