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Hiking Gear Rental

2 Person Back Country Package  
2P Tent, 2 Sleeping bags 15-20 deg compression sack,
2 U/L Sleeping Pads,
2 Backpacks 60-70L and 80-90L w/Rain covers
Backpacker Stove & Pots
1 Bear Counter Assault  Keg,  other sizes available
1 Bear Spray

Many add ons available in package.
Price for 2 people
1 day $149.00 (total) 
2 days $193.00 (total)
3 days $235.00 (total)
4 days $277.00 (total)  
5 days $314.00 (total) 
6 days $358.00 (total)
7 days $383.00 (total)
Backpacking Items: 
Trekking Poles

Hiking Boots      Gaiters
Rain Gear -Gore Tex or lightweight
Bear Spray- see bear defense.
Pots Pans

Backpacks - Day Packs,
50L, 60L Backpacks
70 to 90L Backpacks
Child Carriers

Rain Covers Backpacks

Water Filter
Dried Food - See retail
First aid, SOL Kits - See Safety
Garmin Explorer, GPS, - See Electronics

Bug Nets, Bug spray, Bear spray, kegs - see bear defense tab.
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men backpacking trip.jpg
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