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We outfit large tour groups, film crews, business travelers. Let us know what equipment you need to hire.

Cold Weather Tourism to Cold Weather Testing Equipment:


-40F and beyond Parkas, Snowpants, Boots, Gloves, Hats, Balaclavas. Plus all accessories: Baselayers, Wool Socks, Hand/Foot Warmers, etc.    

Sizes XS to 5XL  and adult size 17 boots.


Order retail items:  Cases of water, hand foot warmers, snacks, fuel, etc.  

We rent:

Arctic Oven Tents

Basecamp Tents

Four season tents and bags, pads

Winter Sleeping bags

Extreme Parkas and Snowpants  & Boots

Satellite Phones

Garmin Explorers




Hand Carts


Camp Kitchens

Fire Rated Clothing - North Slope 

FRC Parkas, Bibs, Overalls, Steel Toed boots, etc. 

Logistics / Delivery - available


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