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Being safe in bear country begins with you and your party.  Plan ahead and learn what you can do to prevent bear encounters. 

We provide bear info to our customers who rent Bear defense items from us.  

Some key tips for everyone: When hiking  stop  and read the trailhead signs before you start your trip. It contains alot of important information.

Same for a campground - Check out the Campground Information board it contains alot of key information about the area, recent animal sightings etc. 

Many people carry bear spray when fishing, hiking and camping in the backcountry. 

Bear spray rental Fairbanks

1 day $14 / 5 day $26 / 7 day $30 / 14 Day $36 We also rent and sell l: bear bells, Backpack tethers, food bags.

Bear Keg rental Bear Canister
bear vault.png
Counter Assasult Pentagon.jpg


(Batteries not Included)
Counters Assault - Pentagon fence
UDAP - Outfitter fence 
UDAP - Shock Electric Ultralight fence

Bear Spray Travel Containers -  travel/container

RETAIL: Bear spray 10oz Can Counter Assault $57.99, Bear Bells, Backpack Tethers

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We rent all bear spray brands 8oz cans etc.

Pricing is on line. Book here

Bear Deterrent - Flare Guns

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